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Flexible, water-based dry film coating which provides lubrication for plastic and rubber parts during production and assembly.


Product Overview

BONDERITE® S-FN TM-001A proveds a low friction coating for substrates need protection from abrasive substances, dirt and contaminants.  This resin-bonded PTFE lubricant prevents sticking and tearing of plastic and rubber parts.   It can be tinted with color pigments for easy part identification.


Consistent and uniform dip spin or spray application performance.  Typical applications:  rubber o-rings, flexible diaphragms, valve seals, fiber bearings, leather washers, elastomeric gaskets.

Features & Benefits

Remains flexible over a wide range of temperatures.
Water based coating.
Low co-efficient of friction for good release properties.


Product Specifications

Color:   translucent
Pigment:  PTFE
Binder:   Thermoset
Carrier:  water
Diluent:  water
Consistency:  liquid
Density:  8.9 lbs/ gal
Solids by Weight:  20%
Flashpoint:  none, contains water
VOC   .30 lbs/ gal

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