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Fluorocarbon blend-based lubricating coating for long-term protection for multipurpose applications


Product Overview

BONDERITE® S-FN 333 (also known as Emralon 333) is a versatile lubricant coating system, engineered from a blend of fluorocarbon lubricants in an organic resin binder and solvent system.  BONDERITE® S-FN 333 exhibits excellent surface protection, low coefficient of friction, and long-term hardness for applications where conventional lubricant solutions are unsuitable.


BONDERITE® S-FN 333 exhibits excellent lubrication and protection in a range of different applications, including but not limited to:
Business Machine Parts & Components
Valve Plugs
Guides and Slides (Drawers, Windows, Chutes)
Levers and Latches
Saw Blades, Cutting Shears, and Tools
Carburetor Shafts
Spray Gun Parts & Components
Closed Assemblies (Automotive & Industrial)
Snow Shovels
Marine equipment
Lock Assemblies
Tank Linings
Filter Systems
BONDERITE® S-FN 333 is supplied ready-for-use but it is recommended to mix thoroughly prior to application. 

Features & Benefits

Excellent “Satiny” Finish
Low Delivered Coefficient of Friction
Very Robust & Durable Coating
Resistant to Wide Variety of Solvents & Chemicals
Good Release Characteristics

Problems Solved

BONDERITE® S-FN 333 helps provide a solution to the following industry & application problems: 
Difficult to Reach or Lubricate Components
Heavy Wear or Damage to Mechanical Surfaces

Product Specifications

Typical Properties (Liquid)
Color: Black
Pigment: Fluorocarbon Blend
Binder: Thermoset
Consistency: Liquid
Solids Content %, weight: 28%
Density: 1.13 kg/l (9.4 lb./gal)
Flash point: 57°C (135°F)
VOC: 808.0 g/l (6.75 lb./gal)
Theoretical Coverage: 6.54 m2/kg (300 ft2/gal)
Typical Properties (Cured Coating)  
Color: Black
Coefficient of Friction: 0.09 – 0.10 Static and Kinetic
Service Temperature (continuous): 204°C – 232°C (400°F – 450°F)
Hartman Wear Test: 200,000 Cycles at 180 lbs. load
Tabor Abrasion Test: 16.9 mg weight loss after 1,000 cycles

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