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Specialty carbon particles dispersed in a fluoroelastomer resin system for electrically resistant dry film lubrication coating


Product Overview

BONDERITE® S-FN T-502 (also known as Emralon TM-001A) is a high performance, electrically resistant dry-film coating for long term lubrication & protection.  BONDERITE® S-FN T-502 is formulated form a high quality fluoroelastomer resin system with engineered carbon particles for excellent electrical resistance. 


BONDERITE® S-FN T-502 is a high performing lubricant solution in a range of applications where oil or grease is undesirable, including but not limited to:
Cable Coating Solution
Impregnating Paint
Thick Film Resistance Networks
Flexible Charge-Distributing Coating
Heat Generating Coating
Electrostatic Bleed for Electrical Bushings (rubber, plastics, epoxy)
BONDERITE® S-FN T-502 is supplied ready for use and can be applied via dip, brush or spray method.

Features & Benefits

Broad Thermal Stability (-40°C to 260°C)
Easy to Handle & Used as Received
Excellent Flexibility Performance
Rapid Drying and Curing

Problems Solved

BONDERITE® S-FN T-502 helps provide a solution to the following industry & application problems: 
Cracking or Failing Dry Film Coating On Flexible Surface
Difficult to Handle Dry Film Coating Solution
Required High Energy Curing Processes

Product Specifications

Typical Properties (Liquid)
Color: Black
Pigment: Processed Carbon
Binder: Fluoroelastomer
Diluent: methyl ethyl ketone (MEK)
Consistency: Liquid
Viscosity: 600 ± 200 mPa*s
Solids Content (wt%): 13%
Density: 0.87 kg/l (7.2 lb./gal)
Flash Point: -5°C (23°F)
VOC: 755 g/l (6.30 lb./gal)
Theoretical Coverage: 7.87 m2/kg at 25 µm (277 ft2
/gal at 1mil thickness)
Typical Properties (Cured Coating)  
Color: Black
Sheet Resistance: 130 ±100 ohms/sq at 1 mil (25 microns)
Service Temperature (Continuous): 275°C (525°F)

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