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Graphite dispersion in solvent-based, multi-purpose dry film lubricant in a ready for use formulation

Product Overview

BONDERITE® L-GP 154 RFU(known as DAG 154 RFU Ready-For-Use) creates a thin high lubricity, collodial dry film with excellent adherence to most substrates with minimal surface preparation.  Can also be used as a resistance coating to provide conductivity, and excellent release properties to many nonconductive substrates, including most plastics. 


Automotive and industrial gaskets
Low noise communication cables
Anti-seize thread lubricant
High resistance coating on plastics
Aerosol lubricant additive
Impregnation of fibers and paper
Printed circuits, static bleed
Engine components for assembly and break-in requirements
Mating surfaces of assemblies and machinery components 

Features & Benefits

Thin, high lubricity coating ideal for tight tolerances of mating parts
Variety of applications using same coating allows for cost savings
Fast air-cure times
Ability to vary conductivity, especially in plastics
Excellent adhesion to most substrates.

Product Specifications

Color:   Black
Pigment:  Collodial graphite
Binder:   Thermoplastic resins
Carrier:  isopropanol
Diluent:  isopropanol
Consistency:  thixotropic gel
Density:  6.6 lbs/ gal
Solids by Weight:  3.3-23.7%
Flashpoint:  52F
VOC 6.4lbs/ gal

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