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Air-cured aerosolized graphite dry-film lubricant for industrial and electrical applications

Product Overview

BONDERITE® L-GP G (previously known as AERODAG G) is an easy-to-use aerosol lubricant for superior lubrication and coverage for a broad range of applications.  BONDERITE® L-GP G is an isopropanol (IPA) based dispersion of graphite and resin binders for excellent inherent lubricity and electrical characteristics for sensitive and difficult lubricant requirements.  BONDERITE® L-GP G exhibits excellent adhesion to a variety of surface types, including most plastics, metals, and glass. 

This high performance lubricant is also available as a concentrate in pails and drums as BONDERITE® L-GP 154.


BONDERITE® L-GP G is supplied as a liquid aerosol for pinpoint spray application and coverage.  BONDERITE® L-GP G cures rapidly at ambient or room temperatures and delivers high lubricity for wide range of applications, including but not limited to:
Assembly & Run-in for Internal Combustion Engines
Business Machine Parts & Mating Surfaces
Sliding Rails, Guides, and Gears in Machining Tools
Intricate Internal Mechanisms (Vending Machines, Parking Meters)
Automotive or Industrial Gaskets
Rubber Component Assembly & Run-in Lubrication
Electrical Applications also Include
Pully Belt Static Charge Bleed
Printed Circuit Holes
Bleed Paths
Plating Nonconductors
Surface or Grid Coatings in Electron and Cathode Ray Tubes

Features & Benefits

Ultra-thin Film Coverage (0.0003 to 0.0005 inches)
Rapid Curing at Room Temperature
Excellent Surface Adhesion for Metals, Plastics & Glass
Good Electrical Resistivity Performance
Non-Ozone Depleting Chemistries

Problems Solved

BONDERITE® L-GP G helps provide a solution to the following industry problems: 
Difficult to Use or Apply Dry-Film Lubricants
Ineffective Electrical Resistance in Lubricant Film
Clumping or Inconsistent Surface Coverage from Aerosol Lubricants

Product Specifications

Specifications as Supplied
Appearance: Black Film (when sprayed)
Lubricant: Graphite Particles
Carrier: Isopropyl Alcohol
Shelf Life: 24 months from Date of Manufacture in Original Seal
VOC: 674 g/l
Specifications as Cured Film
Color: Black
Coefficient of Friction: 0.15 (static)
Operational Temperature General Lubrication: Ambient to 400°F (204°C)
Operational Temperature Electrical Application: Ambient to 150°F (65°C)
Sheet Resistance: 1.2K ohms/square @ 1 mil

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