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Dispersion of graphite in thermoplastic resin that creates a robust & flexible protective coating on metals and plastics

Product Overview

BONDERITE® S-FN 109B (also known as DAG 109B) is a dynamic lubricant solution formulated as a dispersion of graphite in a thermoplastic binder that cures onto a surface leaving a dry, flexible conductive coating.  BONDERITE® S-FN 109B is easy-to-apply via spray or printing methods and allows for advantageous conductivity and controlled electrical characteristics for a range of sensitive applications.


BONDERITE® S-FN 109B is a powerful solution to a range of electrically sensitive or difficult to lubricate applications, including but not limited to:
Current Collector Coatings for Batteries
Protective Coating on Transformer Bushings and Connectors
Coating on Cables or Wires
Flexible Coating on Plastic or Metal Surfaces

Features & Benefits

Incredibly Purity
Thorough Testing for 11 Elemental Impurities During Production
Fast Drying at Room Temperature

Problems Solved

BONDERITE® S-FN 109B helps provide a solution to the following industry & application problems: 
High Energy Costs from Heat Cured Solutions
High Rates of Scrap or Rework from Poor Coating Coverage
Impurities Within Coating Chemistry Leading to Reaction or Damage

Product Specifications

Properties as Liquid
Color: Black
Pigment: Graphite
Binder: Thermoplastic
Carrier/Diluent: MIBK, MEK or lacquer
Consistency: Thinner liquid
Viscosity: 1800 mPa*s
Density: 1.03 kg/l (8.6 lb/gal)
Solids content: 40%
Flashpoint: 16°C (61°F)
VOC: 618 g/l (5.2 lb/gal)
Theoretical Coverage: 8.7 m2/kg @ 25 µm (365ft2/gal @ 1 mil)

Properties as Cured Coating
Color: Black 
Sheet Resistance: 40 ohms/sq at 25µm (1 mil dry film thickness)
Service Temperature (continuous): 104°C (220°F) Maximum 

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