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Lubricity boosting additive in extreme pressure situations to improve oil and grease lubricity.

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Product Overview

BONDERITE® L-AD M 200 (known as Molydag 200) is an additive improving oil and grease lubricity in demanding applications.  Excellent additive in extreme pressure industrial applications.  


BONDERITE® L-AD M 200 is compatible with most oil and grease additive treatments.  Typical applications include Cutting Oils, Conveyor chain lubricants, industrial lubricants and cutting oils.  Best results are achieved by blending BONDERITE® L-AD M 200 approximately 6.7% (by product weight) ratio with proposed dilutent.  Application by brush, drip, spary or dip are acceptable.

Features & Benefits

High Lubricity
Stable over wide termperature and pressure ranges
Great Adhesion
Reduces maintanance by extending service intervals

Product Specifications

Lubricating solid: molybdenum disulfide  
Carrier:   petroleum oil  
Diluents:  petroleum oils, grease  
Viscosity:  30 cSt at 210 F (98.9 C) typical  
Solids Content:  15%  
Density:  8.3 lb/gal (0.996 kg/l)  
Flash point:  385 F (196 C)  
Color:   gray-green  
Shelf life:  two years from date of qualification under original seal. 

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