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Prevent surface to surface contact and increase lubricity of your finished formulated lubricant with this PTFE oil based additive.

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Product Overview

BONDERITE® S-AD 1614 (known as SLA 1614) formulated additive is designed for blending into finished lubricants.  It consists of a dispersion of PTFE in highly refined petroleum oil and reduces friction and increases lubrication in finished lubricant.


Typical applications include Gear & Chain lubricants, general purpose lubricants, aerosols and penetrating fluids.

Features & Benefits

Stable at room temperature.
White translucent color of this material is ideal in formulations where dark solid lubricants are undesirable.
Fine particle size provides stable collodial suspension
PTFE particles for robust lubrication properties.
Minimize formulation costs with superior base oil compatibility.

Product Specifications

Lubricating solid : PTFE
Carrier : 150 SUS Solvent Neutral Petroleum Oil
Viscosity : 400 mPa·s @ 25C (77F) typical
Solids content : 20% PTFE
Particle size (by number) : 0.3 – 0.5 microns (mean)
Density : 0.98 kg/l (8.2 lb/gal) @ 25C (77F)
Flash Point : 196C (385F) 
Color : translucent 

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