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Non-foaming inhibitor to be used in hydrochloric acid pickling baths.


Product Overview

​BONDERITE® S-AD 3305 (known as RODINE 3305) acid inhibitor is designed for hydrochloric acid continuous or batch pickling to protect substrate during the pickling process.  Produces a bright and clean pickled surface and ideal for use where product line stoppage is lengthy.


​BONDERITE® S-AD 3305 is both water and acid soluble.   It is effective at all pickling temperatures. 

Features & Benefits

High degree of metal protection.
Will not impede or reduce the rate of scale removal.
Reduces acid consumption in bath.
Produces shiny clean surfaces.
Low viscosity

Product Specifications

Physical state: Liquid
Color: Brown
Odor: Mild
pH: 4.85 - 5.05
Specific gravity: 1.05 - 1.07 at 70 °F (21.11 °C)  
Flash point:  > 200 °F (> 93.33 °C) 
VOC content: 2.7 % EPA Method 24 

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