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Compounded, petroleum-based lubricant and drawing oil for stamping operations of steel and aluminum


Product Overview

BONDERITE® L-FM MP-404 (also known as Multan PL Prelube MP-404) provides a robust lubricant solution with excellent corrosion protection, process compatibility and lubricity required in heavy and medium duty milling and forming metalworking operations.  BONDERITE® L-FM MP-404 is approved by numerous automotive, steel and aluminum manufacturing companies and exhibits an advantageous, multi-substrate compatibility. 


BONDERITE® L-FM MP-404 is applied as received in concentrate form on coil stock prior to operation, and can be applied with conventional methods, including electrostatic deposition, metered air or airless spray, or precision roll coated. BONDERITE® L-FM MP-404 should be applied pre-heated to at least 70°F for greatest protection.

Features & Benefits

Approved by Several Automotive OEMs
Approved by Steel & Aluminum Manufacturing Companies
Excellent Lubricity and Substrate Compatibility
Very Filterable (down to ten microns)
Exceeds Corrosion Preventative Benchmarks by Industry Manufacturers

Problems Solved

BONDERITE® L-FM MP-404 helps provide a solution to the following industry & application problems: 
Loss of Lubricant Viscosity at High Temperature Operation
High Phosphorous or Chlorine Content Lubricants
Multiple Lubricant Types for Different Substrate Manufacturing

Product Specifications

Appearance: Amber Liquid
Odor: Petroleum-like
Flash Point: 137°C (280°F)
Specific Gravity at 16°C: 0.91 – 0.94
Viscosity (cP at ambient): 180
Density: 7.7 lbs./gal
Phosphorous Content: 0%
Chlorine Content: 0%

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