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Micro-graphite based lubricant provides excellent thermal stability and resists oxidation, for warm and hot steel forging as well as high lubricity for dies.


Product Overview

BONDERITE® L-FG 144 (known as DELTAFORGE 144) can be used as a billet coating and die lubricant for the warm forging of steel, hot forming of powder preforms or difficult extrusion forging.  This fine graphite, water based concentrate provides billet coating protection up to 1600°F and die lubrication exceeding 800°F.


As a billet coating, dip application is recommended.   Protects up to 871°C (1600°F) when used as a billet coating
Spray application is recommended for when using as a die lubricant.  Effective die lubricant for extreme die temperatures exceeding 427°C (800°F).

Features & Benefits

Excellent release for high metal movement
Improved part quality 
Increased die life and lower die cost per forging 
Smokeless, non-flammable 
Oxidation resistant

Product Specifications

Lubricants :  processed micro-graphite, proprietary substances
Carrier/diluent : water 
Solids content : 38-42%
Density : 1.242 kg/l (10.4 lb/gal)
Freezing point : 32°F
Shelf life : 12 months from date of qualification under original seal 

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