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Water-based graphite diecasting lubricant which provides a continuous film for excellent mold release and protection.


Product Overview

BONDERITE® L-GP PRODAG (also known as Prodag) is a water based, graphite diecasting lubricant for superior casting release in aluminum permanent mold applications.   The product forms a smooth continuous film to provide exceptional release, improved surface finish and mold protection. 


Spray application ensures more uniform coating thickness, more complete coverage and lower friction values. 

BONDERITE® L-CA 193  and BONDERITE® L-CA 395, water based refractory dispersions, are frequently used as base coatings for BONDERITE® L-GP PRODAG.    Using either BONDERITE® L-CA 193  or BONDERITE® L-CA 395  with BONDERITE® L-GP PRODAG  provides a composite film having good thermal insulation properties together with excellent release. 

Features & Benefits

Protects against mold erosion, increasing mold life and reducing related downtime.
Non-toxic, non-flammable and smokeless.
Water used as concentrate diluent.

Product Specifications

Pigment: Process micro-graphite
Concentrate Consistency: Soft paste
Diluent: Water
Solids content: 30%
Density: 10 lbs/ gal
pH:    >=10
Shelf life: 12 months from date of qualification under original seal

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