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Boron nitride based, ingot mold coating for aluminum, magnesium, copper and brass.


Product Overview

BONDERITE® L-CA 634  (known as DAG 634) is a protective and lubricating coating designed for iron and steel molds, providing protection from thermal degradation.  This boron nitride film produces minimal coating transfer to the ingot.


Ingot mold coating for aluminum, magnesium and copper/brass.
Slide and core lubricant.
Anti-weld to prevent molten metal solder. 
 BONDERITE® L-CA 634  should be spray applied.  

Features & Benefits

High temperature stability up to 3000°F (1649°C)
Non-wetting -- molten aluminum, copper and magnesium will not adhere to boron nitride
Fine particle size 

Product Specifications

Pigments:  boron nitride
Diluent:  water  
Density:  9.1 lb/gal  
pH:  10.5
Color:   White
Particle Size:  average 3 microns; strays to 8 microns
Flash point: none  
Freeze data: protect from freezing  
VOC:  0.0 g/l

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