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Oil-based graphite lubricant for superior lubrication & protection for aluminum die casting operation


Product Overview

BONDERITE® L-CA CT 5 (also known as Acheson CT-5) is a premium graphited lubricant for excellent protection & delivered lubricity for plungers & sleeves in die casting processes.  BONDERITE® L-CA CT 5 is supplied ready to use as received without secondary dilution steps. 


BONDERITE® L-CA CT 5 is a robust lubricant solution for surface protection for plungers & sleeves in aluminum cold chamber die casting.  BONDERITE® L-CA CT 5 can be applied via automatic pump or spray system and does not require dilution.

Features & Benefits

Excellent Lubrication at Extreme Boundary Conditions
Ease of Application
No Harsh or Unpleasant Odors
Safe for Long-term Storage
Great Surface Protection (Shot Tips & Sleeves)  

Problems Solved

BONDERITE® L-CA CT 5 helps provide a solution to the following industry & application problems: 

Inadequate Die Life or Excessive Surface Damage 
Inconsistent Cast or Surface Finish on Metal Parts 
Poor Release Performance from Die Casting

Product Specifications

Appearance: Dark Black Paste
pH: 10.0-11.5
Density: 8.2 lbs./gal
Flash Point: >149°C (300°F)
Shelf Life: 24 months from date of manufacture
Solid Lubricants: Highly Refined Graphite

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