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Water based, graphite-free lubricant for hot forging ideally formulated for presses, upsetters and hammers.


Product Overview

BONDERITE® L-FG 1105 (known as Deltaforge 1105) is a non-graphite, water based die lubricant formulated for effective lubrication and release when hot forging. 


Manual or automated spray application is recommended; however, product can be successfully swabbed.  BONDERITE® L-FG 1105  diluted by adding water to the product prior to application on forging dies.  A typical dilution ratio of 1:5 (concentrate:water) is suggested for initial evaluation.  Actual dilution ratios vary depending on part complexity and application technique. 

Features & Benefits

Wets dies up to 371°C (700°F).
Good Film formation at high temperatures.
Effective release and lubrication at high die temperatures.
Elimination of graphite overspray leads to a cleaner plant environment.  
Contains water-soluble, organic salts for lubrication.
Not damaged by freezing.

Problems Solved

BONDERITE® L-FG 1105 helps provide a solution to the following industry & application problems: 

Plugging of spray nozzles.
Performance inconsistencies due to lubricant separation.

Product Specifications

Lubricant: soluable synthetic
Carrier:   Water
Solids Content:  17.0-19.0%
Density: 9.1lbs. / gallon
Freezing Point:  28 °F
Shelf Life:   12 months from date of qualification under original seal

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