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Pre-treatment neutral cleaner for rust & scale removal on ferrous & non-ferrous metals before metalworking operation


Product Overview

BONDERITE® C-NE N (previously known as Novaclean N) is a premium, neutral cleaning solution to remove rust, scale and soils form ferrous & non-ferrous metal work pieces.  BONDERITE® C-NE N is especially well suited in removing residues from deburring processes or laser cutting operations. 


BONDERITE® C-NE N is a powerful cleaning solution for use in a range of metalworking processes including:
Spray Washing Equipment
Immersion Cleaners
BONDERITE® C-NE N can be effectively diluted based on equipment type and recommended starting dilutions are listed below.
Spray Processes: 2 - 3% BONDERITE® C-NE N
Immersion Cleaners: 3 - 10% BONDERITE® C-NE N

Features & Benefits

Effective Cleaning Performance at Low Concentration
Excellent Removal of Scale & Rust
Suitable for Use at Ambient Temperature

Problems Solved

BONDERITE® C-NE N helps provide a solution to the following industry & application problems: 
Required High Bath Temperatures for Cleaning
Excessive and Expensive Cleaning Dilution Rates

Product Specifications

Concentrate Appearance: Light Yellow Liquid
pH Value: 6-7
Specific Gravity: 1.37-1.41
Useful Temperature Range: 20°C – 70°C (68°F – 158°F)

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