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High-Purity colloidal dispersion of graphite in water-insoluble polyalkylene glycol (PAG) for intense high temperature & pressure environments


Product Overview

BONDERITE® S-AD 197 (previously known as DAG 197) is an incredibly pure dispersion of graphite particles in water-insoluble synthetic polyalkalene glycol where traditional lubricants carbonize or fail.  BONDERITE® S-AD 197 provides superior lubrication in extreme temperature and high stress equipment that greatly outlasts conventional lubricant technology.  If temperatures cause the PAG base stock to volatize completely, the graphite remains and forms an adherent lubricant film with a low delivered coefficient of friction for extended protection.


BONDERITE® S-AD 197 is an incredibly high-performing lubricant solution for use in a wide range of end applications, including but not limited to:
High Temperature Conveyor & Chain Systems
Kiln Cars & Wheel Bearings
Gears & Gear Boxes
Glass Manufacturing Equipment
Extreme Pressure Machinery
BONDERITE® S-AD 197 is dilutable depending on application but needs to be diluted in suitable water-insoluble polyaklylene glycol base oil.

Features & Benefits

Incredibly Robust Thermal Stability
Extreme High-Pressure Stability & Load Capability
Excellent Surface Protection in Difficult Environments
Long Lasting Lubrication & Protection

Problems Solved

BONDERITE®S-AD 197 helps provide a solution to the following industry problems:
High Levels of Burnish or Varnish Caused by Carbonized Lubricants
Inferior Metal Surface Protection at High Temperatures
Metal Pitting and Surface Damage at Extreme Pressure

Product Specifications

Pigment:  colloidal graphite
Carrier:  water-insoluble polyalkylene glycol (PAG)
Diluent:  water-insoluble polyalkylene glycol (PAG)
Solids Content:  10%
Density:  8.7 lb./gal (1.04 kg/l)
Flashpoint:  404°F (207°C)
Fire point:  470°F (243°C)
Pour point:  0°F(-17.8°C)
Shelf life:  24 months from date of qualification under original seal.

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