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High purity, graphite, dry lubricant specifically for equipment mechanisms of commercial and naval nuclear reactor systems.


Product Overview

BONDERITE® L-GP 156 is a formulation of extremely high purity graphite particles in a thermoplastic resin and isopropanol product to produce a thin, dry, non-corrosive film.


BONDERITE® L-GP 156 ACHESON is supplied ready for use. If further dilution is required by the application, add Isopopanol while stirring thoroughly. 

Features & Benefits

High Lubricity
Does not migrate
Fast air dry
Excellent adhesion
Unaffected by frost
High chemical purity 

Product Specifications

Lubricant:    processed micro-graphite
Binder:   thermoplastic resin
Solids content,%:  ~3.3
FlashPoint(opencup):  11C
Density,kg/m³:  792
Color:  black
Consistency: liquid
Diluent:  isopropanol

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